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​The founders of STONE CASTLE have been on a lifelong mission to advance sustainable homes, commercial buildings and communities with the best commercially available extreme weather and fire safe green building solutions, power systems and extreme weather outdoor survival gear and food supplies. Follow our blog for disaster alerts, and new product arrivals to keep you safe.


We will share our latest videos and testing results of breakthrough technologies and innovations that make your home, workplace, travel and outdoor adventures safer and earth friendly.

  • Home Safety & Survival Products

  • Outdoor Camping & Survival Gear

  • Fire Safety & Survival Products

  • Home/Workplace & Travel Air-Water Filters

Giving Back
Giving Back


STONE CASTLE provides fire and extreme weather safe building products, and design/engineering and construction advice  for protecting homes and mission critical buildings and infrastructure in fire and extreme weather regions.


Our immediate mission is to help with the rapid restoration of the California communities devastated by the 2020 fire storm season.


We believe in the power of community cooperatives and are working hard to expand rural and urban opportunities to create local food security through advanced greenhouse growing and food processing systems.

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